Friday, 16 March 2012

My first post in a How to use Google Docs in the High School Classroom

How to set up a Google account without having a Gmail address:

Go to Google and choose Google Docs from the drop down list near the top: (see the little arrow near More in the picture below:)

Inline images 1

Choose "Documents" from the list.

You should get a page like this:
Inline images 2

Up on the right (missing from this picture unfortunately) is a red button which says: "Sign Up".
Click on that button and it will take you to this page:
Inline images 3
If you would like a Gmail account, click on the Gmail icon on the left, or if you already have an email (eg your work one) click on the "Use a different email" on the lower right and you should get this page:
Inline images 4

Enter all the information.
Note: Americans put their birthdays as Month/Day/Year. The rest you will need to figure out.
When you are done and it says it has created an account (it may ask you to verify it using whatever email account you signed it with), you are finished.

Of course, it is easier if you create a gmail account but....

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