Friday, 16 March 2012

I think my Year 11 class is catching on...

It has been interesting to see the reluctance of my Year 11 Biology class to embrace the use of Google Docs. It just hasn't been on their radar.
Some even say: "It doesn't work for me!". However, a request by me to see them log in usually fixes the "problem" in seconds.
Currently they are working through an 800 word assignment on a Social Issue related to Biology.
One of the big differences using Google Docs is that there is no set date to submit drafts.
I set up their 'files' and they can submit work at any time up to the final due.
Because Google Chrome has an 'add-on' called "WatchDocs", I get instant notification when a student is working on their assignment. I could watch them work on their assignment and even give them 'live' feedback - but only if they want it. It's overkill otherwise.
Anyway, I can check their work when I am able and I use the Insert:Comment function to give feedback.
Students who take advantage of this seem to find it useful.
Trouble is, at this stage, many of them have not.
Yesterday, after a session in class, however, I was able to give feedback in person and in written form whilst they were working on their Google Docs files.
I think a few more of them saw the advantage of doing this as they work on the essay over the weekend.
Time will tell...

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