Thursday, 22 March 2012

Google Docs and Facebook

Another big day using Google Docs - the due date for the Year 11 essay is looming.
Unusually (!) students have left things to the last minute and a running around like headless chooks.
I have combined using the Docs with Facebook to help answer student questions about the essay.
This has worked really well as we have had a good discussion about Scientific essays and how to reference appropriately.
I have also been able to tell them when I have made comments on their documents - I hesitate to call them 'drafts' - more like 'essays in motion'.
No more excuses like: "I was sick", "My printer ink ran out", "My USB (with the only copy of the essay) is fritzed", "I left it home". With GD it's all on-line, un-losable, without a need to print or send me a copy. Bliss.
If I think that students aren't putting the work into the task, a quick email to parents usually fixes things.
It looks like everybody has submitted something!
The quality, however, is another issue...more info when I mark it!

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